The long dancing road

The night was cracked open by a clumsy dagger of crimson light. Despite the foliage around us, the morning penetrated into our safety like daggers. Your warmth kept me safe all night, and helped me sleep soundly. Your breath on my neck right now is what keeps me from making an early start to the day. So I lay still, with your head resting on my shoulder, and take stock of myself. When you wake I’ll brew you coffee while you share your dreams.

I’m scared and excited by your trust. You chose me to be your travel partner and I take you on with every ounce of zeal in my being. I’ve taken your offered hand and walk willingly by your side. A million and forty nine words tangle my feet, but this is of no concern. You massage my weary thighs and the knots disappear.

The roads are blocked behind us, there is no turning back. We must forge ahead without plans, maps, or the luxury of stars to guide us. We navigate by instinct alone, not knowing where we’ll end up. And yet despite this uncertainty, we know of the splendours we’ll encounter. The whitest of white snow peaked mountains. The deepest of green valley forests. The brilliant blue skies of crisp winter mornings. And it’s this knowledge that defines our purpose. It’s the journey we crave, not the destination. The journey will re-create us.


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