My secret

Lids heavy, lips dry
Turmoil embracing me
A cycle of stanzas
Played out by amateurs
Fainting touches past
Welling soul afar

Wait there

I cannot say what’s late
Starting half way under
Helped to transition
Thirty seven eons
Passed to pass forever
Silver is not subordinate

Dispel thought

Letters in for life
Clutching for chances
Reaching for ghosts
Children doorway greeting
Time is integral yet
Immorality free

Cultivate hope

Dawn brings nothing
New directions
Season sons of God
In Her name I weep
For risk is thought
Less than normally known

Say my name

Linked by all manner
Sewn by all else
Stolen beauty small
Things shared belong
Whatever comes along
My way, your way now

Hold my hand

Niches carved in ivory
Welcome turning day
Licks of sun asleep
Cloudless rain falls
Fished with news
Grassing bed to lay

Missing you

Walking winds and
Dulcet tones
Winter warmth beside
Languid scarlet plums
Crystal clear desire
Filling hearts with due

Real love


One perfection, everything

Creating a fresh line, wide and strong
Hearts trump diamonds, both cut or rough
Meaning attribution, deeper than aware
Jink ways with hips, priceless slip

Time brings rise, confident appeal
Virtuous endeavours, not what you thought
Well is all that all not ended
Simultaneous, dreams every day

Formed without falter, appears prodigally
Growth pulsing with rhythm, in time, in step
To the world and mind self, eyes closed to savour
Awakened from nothing, refreshed from everything

Rosemary and confident self-assurance

My chest is bursting
ego low and dragging
pressure rising, out and out
hot, green and prickly

Trembling digits closing ranks
shaking inside, leaking out
trust a virtue fading backwards
grumble grumble grumpy fucker

Fight back, punch through
the other side awaits you, me
nervous prick, toughen up
laugh receipt imagined still

Breathe with your mind an effort
distract with intent and purpose
rationalise your aptitude, and then
show them how you wield pineapple

(what the fuck, never mind!)

Go forth and be the what you can and
should and will and always know and
never never never never never nev
er never give anything away or up

Wry wrapped smiled, inkling hidden
meaning lost in translated prose
never mind the bollocks, it’s mine
I suppose somethymes, sometimes…..

Come here you

Come with me

See, my bright blue summer sky
Feel, my sand between your toes
Hear, my waves crash in your ears
Smell, my salty onshore breeze

I’ll show you

My Milky Way, my Southern Cross
My Desert Rose, my Uluru
My coral reef, my Kakadu
My ocean road, my harbour view

Don’t be shy

You, take my hand and take the lead
I, share with you hopes and desires
We, walk and talk and laugh and love
Breathe, dreams laid bare are born and grow

Life’s highway lanes

Clover cushions, lovers loft
China white and cotton soft
Virgin blushes, concubine
Wrapped in ruby, opal mine

Night collapsing, pillow turn
Demon haunt me, taunting burn
Red light nightmare, blanket heap
Unplug wire, final sleep

Drunk on jazz, smokey dusk
Timbres flowing, sex and musk
Liquorice bloody, blended wine
Hair with violets, fertile vine

Blunt wit slashes, etches mind
White hair madden, almost blind
Free flow writing, nib of blue
Pages naked, fresh and new

Salty river, dusty dry
Blue sky backdrop, eagles fly
Storm aroma, rolling in
Eyelids closing, light within

Life’s daily poetry

The poetry of day to day life cannot be surpassed
The laugh of a child
The look in a lover’s eye
The cleansing late afternoon summer storm
The beauty is all around us for our capture

I see my son, playing, entrapped by his own joy
I hear my lover’s cry as she collapses on my chest
I smell anticipation in the air, clouds black and tumbling over
This is life, this is living, this is wondrous

The long dancing road

The night was cracked open by a clumsy dagger of crimson light. Despite the foliage around us, the morning penetrated into our safety like daggers. Your warmth kept me safe all night, and helped me sleep soundly. Your breath on my neck right now is what keeps me from making an early start to the day. So I lay still, with your head resting on my shoulder, and take stock of myself. When you wake I’ll brew you coffee while you share your dreams.

I’m scared and excited by your trust. You chose me to be your travel partner and I take you on with every ounce of zeal in my being. I’ve taken your offered hand and walk willingly by your side. A million and forty nine words tangle my feet, but this is of no concern. You massage my weary thighs and the knots disappear.

The roads are blocked behind us, there is no turning back. We must forge ahead without plans, maps, or the luxury of stars to guide us. We navigate by instinct alone, not knowing where we’ll end up. And yet despite this uncertainty, we know of the splendours we’ll encounter. The whitest of white snow peaked mountains. The deepest of green valley forests. The brilliant blue skies of crisp winter mornings. And it’s this knowledge that defines our purpose. It’s the journey we crave, not the destination. The journey will re-create us.

the burgeoning

A vast shadow of light
combs across my ethos
with familiar tone
and effortless purpose

Identity a reclaimed pride
worn broadly across my shoulders
no more usual providence
displacing life’s new excess

My soul’s bourn
a cross to bear
obvious to one
invisible to all else

Abundance of pressure in hope
itching at my skin to free
tempered by known immediate
fed by ardent spring sun

My chest open on canvas
sharing my joust with sundry
bleeding blisters and warts and all
bare laid freedom relieved

A famine to feast on

Like a winter dream, tears coat my blackness
Stallions shine, colouring my midnight

Daggers and cloaks and all wrote desires
Blindfolded fucking, my lovers rough tongue

Lipstick grins, a madden-mare death game
Collapsed poppy fields and red mountain passes

I pause at heaven’s turnstile, a dreamscape
I look deceit in the soul and search the gardens for sanity

Slayer of maidens, dragons of harbours
Hidden from fate’s cast I wait

Twenty vines are ripped and cropped
Nineteen sins of virtue, gluttonous thighs

Pass swollen lips of gratitude
I will not fall or float, fly or flood

I you we

I am
you are
we will

I can
you shall
we smile

I step
you turn
we dance

I laugh
you cry
we hold

I sing
you write
we flow

I fly
you soar
we live

I reach
you touch
we love

I dare
you dream
we know

I, you
you, I
we, us