Save our history

I start and stop, twist and turn. Not knowing which way to turn. The directions were unclear, but I decided to wing it and see where I ended up. There are others too, all lost on a similar journey. They’re all looking at each other, looking for something, someone, looking for guidance in this desolate place. We’re all looking for a place that’s safe, where we can rest our weary bodies and minds, to prepare for another day.

I see a young boy, standing, waiting for a steed. I ask him his name but he does not speak. He simply answers with his eyes. Icy blue with large black pupils, dilated and distant. He looks at me with no expression and points to the east. I had not noticed that it was night and now the sun was beginning to rise. My search for rest has ended, there would be none today.

Dragging my feet across the stones, blisters form on my toes and heels. It’s getting warmer, the summer is approaching and my feet in some way welcome the hardship. Hot sands ahead will mean that I need toughened skin to survive.

I focus on my steps, and no more than ten feet in front of me. I barely notice the mountains approaching ahead. I am only reminded of them when I pause and look up, to stretch my back and collect my bearings. I look around and notice that my fellow travellers have dropped away, there are few of us remaining. It seems that some have either found their way, or fallen to foul play. It is quiet, except for the wind in my ears.

Ahead, I see a place to rest. Well past the city walls now, I am in our God’s country. There is an old willow tree beside a creek. It appears that many travellers have stopped here before but not for a while. The water is clear, but the lack of rain has meant that the level is low. I drink and eat some bread, as much as I think I can spare. I lie down and rest my head on a thick root protruding from the dust, and I look skyward through the branches. It is now that I realise that I am alone.

The mountains that draw me to the north are still a few weeks away. If all promises are kept, my Utopia will be there, waiting for me with open arms. My saviour of souls. I’ve dared to dream of the day when we will all be there together. I will return, but I first must forge this path. You trusted me and this sacrifice will be worth the risk. When I return, it will be with a fervor and grace surpassed only by yours, and together we will change this land. Together, we will save our history. Our fathers will thank us and our children will remember us. I will be King and you my Queen.


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