Everybody knows nothing

My mind is full
In one direction
My lap is open and empty

Someone blue
Something’s missing
Nothing’s taken or granted

Goodness is golden
Fresh the new day
Reflections appear years younger

Tell me, show me, before me
With me, without me, beside me
Sprinkle stars around me

I’m wading and waving
Living and crying
Ripples natural in tears

Cool springs are not done
Life deals and delivers
Brown skin on my skin

Paths connected by points
Directly through complex tangents
Converging to a singularity

Infiltrating my attitude
My gratitude forgiving myself
Take the forward and leave all else

Multiple purpose in poetry
Rambling with purpose or random words
The latter today for respite

I’m plugged in and flying
Firing from both hips
Warm inside, shivers on the out

I’m an astute genius
Unfuckingbelievably amazing
New favourite word of the year

Marathon pace, faster than before
Trained and maintained
To last and survive is to win

The end is the beginning
To see the next start before this finish
With wisdom and patience we smile

There’ll be more
This is today’s Sopranos


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