Red and Yellow and Pink

I’ve seen a few rainbows in my time. No matter how many I see however, they always amaze me.


There’s a rainbow outside my window right now and she is magnificent.


She has drawn me in. She moves as I move. I am drawn to her. I wonder if anyone else sees her like I do? Her treasure is unattainable, I know that, but it seems so tantalisingly near.

I can taste her, almost reach out and touch her. She is no illusion, but not entirely real. She speaks to me. To me. I get closer and she teases me, playing and retreating. I look away for a moment and fear she won’t be there when I return. But so far so good. So good.

I don’t know how long this rainbow will last. But I do know is that it’s not up to me. Who knows when the winds will come and blow her away. If it were up to me, rainbows would last forever. Forever and a day.


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